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"I am amazed by the level of this man's talent."  Martin Cummins (12/12/2018 - Instagram)

"Dope Art"  Ice Cube (10/18/2016 - Instagram) 

"Thank you for this dope art and appreciate the memories it brought back." Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson  (10/22/2015 - Instagram)

"Amazing!!  Gx"  Gwen Stefani (07/25/2016 Twitter)

"Fantastic."  Ewan McGregor (08/13/2015 - Twitter)

"Wow. Lovely... Thank you for this! Damn You’re Good"  Rosario Dawson (10/27/2015 - Twitter) 

"Wow! That is amazing. You are incredibly talented. Thank you for sharing"  Katherine Heigl (11/08/2017 - Twitter)

"Justin Maas is great at drawing Scary Pictures"  Howie Mandel (09/11/2015 - Twitter) 

"A big shout out to for this dope work of art. Love to see the talent!"  Martin Lawrence (10/13/2017 - Instagram)

"I come from a family of artists so trust me when I tell you is VERY talented. Thank you Justin for the lovely sketch!”  
Cary Elwes (03/31/2017 Instagram)

"A beautiful honor, thank you!"  Mira Sorvino (12/13/2016 - Instagram) 

"Wow  Wow Wow WOW WOW WOW!!!"  Kelly Ripa (04/19/2018 - Instagram)

"Very fine job & great drawing skills."  Steve Martin  (03/03/2016 - Personal Letter)

"I love this.  Your work is incredible."   Kate Bosworth (03/04/2016 - Instagram)

“Beautifully talented. Thank you“   Zoe Saldana  (12/11/2015 - Instagram)

"Thank you for the incredible artwork!!"  Lori Loughlin (12/05/2016 - Twitter) 

"That is amazing work!!"  Ryan Reynolds (06/06/2016  Instagram)

"Gorgeous Work! Thank you So much" Lily Collins ( 05/13/2016 - Instagram)

"Amazing work!" Jason Lee (10/27/2016 - Instagram) 

"This is so lovely!  Thank you!"   Sophia Bush  (05/31/2016 - Instagram)

"Wow! So Amazing, Thank You!"   Milla Jovovich (04/26/2016 - Instagram)

"So beautiful.  You are immensely talented."   Michelle Monaghan (05/26/2016 - Instagram)

"AMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGG! Thank you!!"  Debra Messing (02/22/2016 - Instagram)

"In awe of your talent!"  Paula Patton (09/21/2017 - Instagram) 

"Ex-squeeze me?? Impressive Skills"  Mindy Kaling (10/13/2017 - Instagram)

"Lovely. Thank you for taking your time and talent to draw this face."   Selma Blair (11/16/2015 - Instagram) 

"That is insane! Wow, very kind of you! Thank you. #Talented"  Leslie Bibb  (09/13/2017 - Instagram)

"Love it!!!"  Viola Davis (12/15/2017 - Instagram)

"Fantastic drawing, thank you"  Sir Paul McCartney (02/12/2016 - Twitter/Facebook/Instagram)

"Wow! This is so impressive!  Superb!"  Grace Byers  (07/18/2016 - Instagram)

"Wow thats incredible! You are so talented, thank you!!" Amy Smart (06/14/2018 - Instagram)

“So beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to do this!!!!” Jaime King (11/18/2015 - Instagram) 

"Raw talent! Thank you so much drawing this."  Ashley Callingbull (Mrs. Universe)  (08/15/2016 - Instagram/Twitter)

"I absolutely love this! Thanks so much!" Roselyn Sanchez (10/23/2015 - Instagram)

"Amazing! Thank you"  Natalie Martinez (07/05/2018 - Instagram)

"Love this!!!! Amazing job"  Jessica Lowndes (01/16/2018 - Instagram) 

"Beautiful Artwork" Jennifer Love Hewitt (10/30/2015 - Instagram) 

"Holy Crap thats incredible!"  Lauren Taylor (10/27/2016 - Instagram) 

"Amazing Work!"  Melissa Joan Hart (09/26/2015 - Instagram)

"This is crazy cool. Thank you so much!"  Harley Quinn Smith (09/14/2016 - Instagram)

“Had to share this impressive art. Than you so much for posting“ Kyle McLachlan(12/11/2015 - Instagram) 

”Love this!!!" Lisa Rinna (10/16/2015 - Twitter)

"You are sooooo good! Loved looking at all of your portraits!"  Katie Couric  (05/24/2016)

 "Wow. Perfect!"  Paulina Porizkova (10/22/2015 - Twitter) 

"Justin, Thank you so much. Brings back memories"  Susan St James (09/11/2015 - Instagram) 

"Thank you, im honored.  What an astonishing collection of sketches you have."  Paige Davis  (11/27/2015 Instagram)

"Now that's Talent!"  America's Got Talent (08/28/2015 - Twitter)

"Just found this artist! SOOO GOOOD!"  Queen Latifah (03/02/2017 Instagram)

"So So Amazing! Bravo! Thank you!"  Emmanuelle Chriqui (03/14/2017 Instagram)

"Well Done!"  Terry Crews (03/14/2017 Instagram)

"Thats one of the best ones I’ve seen of me! Thank you!”  Daniel Dae Kim (03/28/2017 Instagram)

"Blown away. Thank you"  Andrea Brooks  (11/08/2017 - Instagram)

"Thank you so much!!!  Your work is so F____  good!  Please click over to his page to see his other portraits."  
Carrie Keegan (04/04/2017 Instagram)

"Amazing Work!"  Coco Rocha  (04/05/2017 Instagram)

"This is amazing! What a beautiful talent!"  Analeigh Tipton  (04/17/2017 Instagram)